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28th September 2016

Keep it in the family

We’ve all heard the horror stories of family run businesses resulting in horrendous bust ups and complete estrangement. Yet there are others that are tremendously successful and last for generations. What is the secret of success? Over the years we’ve dealt with a number of grievances that have, sadly, caused pain and suffering to the […]

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14th September 2016

Religious wear – What’s the limits in the workplace?

There’s been a lot of press recently about religious wear with some French Mayors causing controversy by banning ‘burkinis’ on the beaches and some countries going as far as banning face covering such as depicted above. Other ‘interested’ parties are seeking action against Islamic clothing in general. Have you considered the impact on your workplace […]

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3rd August 2016

Can I see my Personnel file please?

How many of us were in HR when the Data Protection Act was introduced in 1998? It certainly made us wonder what was in a Personnel file and probably opened our eyes when we got around to checking them. Of course it had been around since 1984 but was updated in 1998 to create a […]

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19th July 2016

Information Technology and HR

An interesting title which some would say was a bit of an oxymoron. It is true that in the past many people would only identify Information Technology (IT) and HR with a System that had incorrect data, was out of date or didn’t ‘talk’ to other systems. The times they are a changing by necessity […]

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4th July 2016

Social Media Policies – Are they really necessary?

The use of social media as a recruitment tool is well known, but does everyone realise it’s also great for ‘interviewing’ and ‘reviewing’? I know many a recruiting manager who will check an individual’s Facebook or Linkedin profile as part of the screening process. Why wouldn’t they? After all it will tell us an awful […]

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21st June 2016

Can’t retire, won’t retire. What are the employer options?

It used to be so simple didn’t it? Work, fill up pension pot, take retirement at 60 or 65, draw pension and take endless holidays. Not so nowadays. Some would say that the way we work leads to multiple careers, several pensions and/or Insurance policies and a ‘live for today’ attitude. The demographics also mean […]

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13th June 2016

In or out? It will shake it all about. HR implications of Brexit

You won’t find anything official on Brexit from the major parties as their policy is to remain. You will, however, find plenty of speculation and scaremongering! There is no doubt that leaving the EU will impact on national employment law. Whether it’s for better or worse might just depend on whether you are an employer […]

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7th June 2016

Time off for 2016 Euros

Fantastic news! 3 of the 4 home nations have qualified for this great competition and hopes and expectations are high. Employees are getting excited and rooting for their team, patriotism comes to the fore. But will they get time off to watch the games? Employers are eager to keep the workforce happy and then they read […]

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5th May 2016

One Scrum Too Many

So yet again, it’s Monday morning and one of your team has called to say that they were playing rugby over the weekend and they’ve twisted their ankle. Their absence may last for a few days. It’s the fourth time this has happened this year, and for you as a manager, it’s now having a […]

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Equality Policies – Are you Just Ticking a Box?

In light of ever-changing legislation, many employers have introduced employment equality polices which are aimed at dealing with (or preventing) discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace. All well and good, but having a policy, regardless of the subject matter, really doesn’t go far enough in our view. Introducing any policy as important as this […]

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