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Developing Retention Strategies

If you find that attrition rates in your organisation have reached unacceptable levels, we can help by carrying out an organisational review to assess underlying reasons and work with you to develop strategies aimed at improving staff retention. We’ll investigate:

  • Organisational culture
  • Sector-wide trends and statistical data
  • Reward and benefit structures
  • Career progression
  • Management practices & Leadership Style
  • Performance management techniques

Resourcing / Recruitment.

Through our parent company My People People, and our own associates, we have access to masses of expertise to support you in relation to recruitment.  We can do any or all of the following:

  • Develop a bespoke but standard approach to writing job descriptions
  • Devise and implement standard recruitment practices across your organisation
  • Provide training for recruiting managers in all aspects of resourcing, including interviewing, shortlisting and assessments for promotion
  • Devise and facilitate Assessment Centres, including role play
  • Bring in the use of professional actors to support the role play processes
  • Facilitate the use of psychometric tests for the recruitment process
  • Develop competency based interview processes for you


Whether you have a group of staff facing job losses, or individuals who need support in moving on with their career, we can offer solutions to support you, and them, in achieving a successful transition to a new role, employer or career. Our services can include:

  • Individual coaching and personal support
  • CV review and development
  • Career planning
  • Interview coaching
  • Career transition workshops
  • Help dealing with change
  • Personal Development Planning

Managing Redundancy Programmes / Individual Cases

When you know that as an organisation, you may have to face losing staff, our experts can support you through the whole process, including:

  • Managing or supporting you through the decision making process, understanding the options and possible solutions available to the business
  • Consulting with staff / unions in relation to any proposals for change which could lead to redundancy, understanding and exploring different options with you
  • Helping you find alternatives to redundancy where possible
  • Managing the communication strand of the programme, ensuring all those affected / involved are kept up to date with proposals, progress, and their own individual circumstances
  • Ensuring that legal processes are followed, and that you do not breach legislation when confirming redundancy decisions
  • Linking with our outplacement experts to provide a bespoke approach to helping your staff secure alternative employment
  • Supporting those who remain with the organisation through the change they will encounter during any redundancy programme
  • Exploring possibilities with other local employers to help secure employment for your staff