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Contracts Of Employment

We can never stress too much the importance of getting your employment contracts right. We can ensure your contracts are legally compliant, as well as fitting with the needs of your business, both now and in the future. Our experts can write your employment contracts from scratch or review your current contracts, as well as managing any contractual change processes for you, keeping you legal.

Staff Handbook Development

Staff Handbooks can be vital documents both employers and employees rely on to ensure everyone is aware of company rules / basic procedures / policies and benefits. We work with managers to ensure staff handbooks are clear, informative and useful for all those concerned.

HR Policy Development

Our experts have a vast range of experience in policy development. We can take a number of approaches to ensure your policies work for you:

  • We can audit your current policies to ensure they are legally complaint and are written in the right way to meet your business and operational needs, making changes as required
  • We can develop new policies for you from scratch, taking the time to understand your needs and best practice in your sector, consulting with managers / staff / union groups to ensure buy-in across your organisation
  • We can play a consultative role, supporting your staff / managers through the policy development process
  • For all of the above, we can help you plan for, and take forward implementation of revised or new policies so that your staff and managers are fully aware of any changes, and any impact they may have.

HR Systems advice, implementation and integration

We can offer advice on the most cost effective HR system for your business ensuring that it delivers an integrated data set to help your business run smoothly.