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Unions & Staff Group Consultation

Our in-house expertise can be made available when you need to facilitate important discussions with management / staff and trade unions.  We can bring added value to any such forum, and will take the lead if required to ensure discussions prove positive and constructive. Such circumstances can include:

  • Pay negotiations
  • Employment policy development
  • Changes to terms and conditions
  • Relocations
  • Redundancy programmes
  • Organisational restructures and change programmes
  • Redeployment exercises
  • Organisation strategy development and implementation
  • Skills reviews and development
  • TUPE Transfers

Employment Law Updates

UK Employment Legislation can be subject to constant change. Add that to the already challenging task of understanding what’s currently in place, and you will understand the difficulties many employers have in keeping everything they do within the framework of employment law.

Our experts will simplify current legislation and provide updates for relevant staff in your teams, to make sure they understand the key legislation relevant to employment, the things they need to keep an eye out for, and their obligations in terms of how they manage staff, operational practices and the overall organisation.

We can tailor the delivery of employment law updates to meet the specific needs of your organisation and your managers, ensuring we focus on relevant and meaningful topics, taking away some of the confusion UK legislation can bring to the workplace.

Access to Legal Advice

We have access to legal advice through our partner organisation Harrison Drury Solicitors, so if there are any occasions where you (or we) think legal opinion is required in an employment matter, we can arrange for that advice as a matter of urgency, particularly where it is clear that support is required for a litigation process.

Via our partnership MYHR can provide access to an Employment Protection Scheme which will cover all legal fees, awards and settlements incurred in respect of any Employment Tribunal Proceedings, and if required, all legal fees in respect of any Health and Safety Prosecutions.  The cost of this indemnity can be provided by our insurers on request.

For more information, please contact Harrison Drury via roger.spence@harrison-drury.com or phone 01772 258321.

HR Case Management

It’s inevitable in every organisation that one day, potentially difficult issues will arise with at least one employee, either involving their attendance, conduct, performance or attitude. It’s vital that employers have access to expert advice and support when faced with dealing with such issues. We can provide sufficient support to complement the internal expertise you have to enable a satisfactory resolution of the issues you are faced with, whether we provide remote advice and support about particular cases, or whether we take the lead in managing the processes involved. As such, we can deal with all aspects of:

  • Absence management
  • Disciplinary / misconduct cases
  • Grievances
  • Handling investigations of any sort
  • Poor performance
  • SOSR (Some other substantial reason) Cases

Mediation & Conciliation Services

Our associates are highly skilled at working with employees to help rebuild and repair professional relationships. They have a great ability to be able to see things from both parties’ points of view, understand individual pressures and best interests, and find a way to dramatically improve an individual relationship, or resolve a workplace dispute before matters escalate.

Equality Audits

It’s vital that employers ensure their practices, procedures, services and environments operate in a way which do not breach any aspect of the Equality Act.  Equality legislation can be complicated, but should always be taken into account when reviewing / developing and delivering any of the above. We can help by carrying out a thorough review or your organisation and:

  • Identify any potential issues requiring attention
  • Work with you to find solutions for issues identified through our review
  • Provide training for staff and managers to ensure their awareness of equality issues