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Job Evaluation Projects

Many employers realise that in such a litigious society, it is vital they have in place fair and equitable reward structures which are equal-pay compliant and remove the risk of costly and time-consuming equal pay claims.  Our expertise in this field is very strong, with associates who have devised and implemented analytical job evaluation schemes across varying sizes of organisations, from 20 to 2,000 staff, with various levels of complexity. We can take on any aspect of work relating to this, including:

  • Formulation of a new scheme, from scratch, which suits your business
  • Training managers / officials who will be involved in the scheme management
  • Implementation of the scheme across your organisation

TUPE Transfer Management

Business transfers, mergers and acquisitions can be highly complicated projects which require a great deal of expertise in ensuring legal processes are followed and legislation is adhered to. Implications for employment in such transfers can be highly complex and need managing carefully and sensitively. We can:

  • Help you plan such projects from start to finish, whether you are the transferee or transferor
  • Advise you about employment implications for all stages of the project
  • Manage, lead or support the consultation process with staff and unions and other stakeholders
  • Devise and roll out your comprehensive communication strategy
  • Resolve any problems arising throughout the transfer process

HR Project / Change Management

Our experts have experience in managing a large range of HR projects, from small scale restructures to wide-scale and complex organisational change.  We can be involved from the outset, and can be involved in / take the lead in any of the following aspects:

  • Carrying out feasibility studies and developing business cases
  • Developing, managing and implementing project plans
  • Consultation with stakeholders, staff, unions, executives
  • Delivering change management awareness programmes for managers and staff