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The Office Christmas party

Well it’s that time of year again and the Company has invited you all to join in the festivities with them at their  Christmas ‘do’! For some this is a real opportunity to bond as a team and get to know their colleagues better in a relaxed environment. Managers can formally thank everyone and perhaps […]

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Can’t retire, won’t retire. What are the employer options?

It used to be so simple didn’t it? Work, fill up pension pot, take retirement at 60 or 65, draw pension and take endless holidays. Not so nowadays. Some would say that the way we work leads to multiple careers, several pensions and/or Insurance policies and a ‘live for today’ attitude. The demographics also mean […]

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Workplace Mediation

Many of us will have seen countless grievances, complaints, impossible working relationships and personality clashes at work.  I expect we have all seen the effects these can bring about too – negative tension, stress, despair, poor morale, demotivated staff, increased sick absence levels and decreased productivity. Try some mediation as medication! Faced with any issue at […]

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