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Early Careers Service

Determining the right Early Careers programmes needs a business to understand, not just its skills requirements but also the culture and behaviour expectations from its individuals on their apprentice or graduates programmes.

Determining the right balance between the need for Intermediate / Advanced apprentices, Higher / Degree apprentices, Undergraduates, Graduates and higher level can be very difficult for an organisation and then to ensure that the Early Careers schemes are inspiring and attractive to maintain high levels of retention.

We can provide bespoke workshops and analyses of an organisation’s intent, reviewing long term skills needs and help determine the right balance of Early Careers programmes that are required. We help by providing advice,develop and implement new programmes,or by reviewing and revising existing programmes.

We can also assist in the development of engagement strategies to support recruitment ensuring that organisations develop the required relationships with schools, colleges and universities to assist in attracting the diversity of talent for the long term future.

In summary, we get the heart of the business need and ensure that the impact from their long term investment in Early Careers is right for their organisation and the people on the programmes.