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Information Technology and HR

An interesting title which some would say was a bit of an oxymoron. It is true that in the past many people would only identify Information Technology (IT) and HR with a System that had incorrect data, was out of date or didn’t ‘talk’ to other systems.

The times they are a changing by necessity as a myriad of gadgets continue to flood the market offering opportunities for ever faster transactions and communications. The millennial generation are totally at ease with this and it’s up to the rest to catch up, or be left behind. I’m happy to admit that, towards the end of my Industry career, I probably learnt more from the youngsters than I did from my peers and elders.

Of course there’s a strong argument, which I personally subscribe to, that social interaction must not suffer and there are some things that just have to be talked through if you are a leader. Being made redundant by text just doesn’t work for me. Think long and hard about how you communicate and get the balance right.

There are many IT tools available nowadays to support HR in being a key enabler in driving the strategic direction of the business. In principal all HR processes can be supported by IT, especially through the use of web technology. Get this right and HR are an important source of competitively sustainable advantage.

I came across a good example the other day in discussing this very topic with a former colleague of mine. His company ME+ have developed a career management app that helps employees define and reach their true potential. They can decide exactly what success looks like and ME+ guides them every step of the way. Have a look at this presentation and compare this to how you have managed your career in the past, or how you are managing it now. I find it quite fascinating.

If you want to discuss what is best for you and your organisation then why not give one of our HR experts a ring and we will happily oblige.

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