Career Summary

Martin started his working career as a Commercial Apprentice at The British Aircraft Company (now BAE Systems) in 1976. Over the next 38 years Martin held many positions within the company. His initial specialism was within Procurement and Supply Chain. During this time Martin obtained a Degree in Law.

There then followed a period whereby Martin held a senior position in a successful bid winning organisation whereby his skill of partnering, incentivised and availability contracting were developed.

For the last 10 years Martin has been leading business transformation and change. He was a leading architect in creating new organisations, and preparing the business for change.

This allow Martin to develop and deploy a series of successful techniques in process and people transformation. Including preparing and supporting organisations and people pre and post change.

Martin is recognised as an experienced senior manager who manged and resolved difficult and complex issues. He has extensive expertise in counselling and conflict resolution. Further a comprehensive understanding of facilitating, mentoring and coaching for both junior and senior members of organisations.

In his role of Head of Information Knowledge Management he was responsible for the successful sourcing, selecting and preparing a business for Major IT transformation.

Part of Martin’s wider role within the organisation was as an ethics officer dealing with ethical matters across the organisation, this involved briefings, providing advice, investigations and resolution of ethical issues.

Since leaving BAE Systems Martin has embarked on a new career as an advisor on aviation and HR matters. Further he has taken up a number of roles within the voluntary sector, in both in finance and education.

Key personal strengths

  • Martin can adapt processes in a thorough and methodical manner to reach a positive outcome. He can take this thought process into investigations where he ensures that there is always fair and balanced conclusions and recommendations.
  • He builds on work relationships with his sense of humour and wit to establish trust through friendship. A vital strength in conflict resolution.